Portfolio Placements and Resumes, LLC is the creation of Michael Weinstock. The goal of our firm is to provide you with outstanding one-on-one professional assistance as you climb the corporate ladder of success.

Our specialty is placing experienced and entry level candidates in the field of Portfolio Management / Money Management aka the buy side of the investment industry. Clients include Registered Investment Advisors, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and 3rd party Fund of Funds along with the Investment Management subsidiaries of large banks and brokerage firms. Positions with the industry Consultants as well as the vendors that service this industry are also our clients. These clients range geographically from Boston to metro Washington, D.C. with a majority located in the New York City/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area.

The Founder / Michael Weinstock
Over the past 20 years, I have had the good fortune of being employed at several outstanding firms. After graduating from Northeastern University’s Cooperative Education Program in 1985, I spent the next 7 years working in corporate America at the Amalgamated Fund, State Street Bank & Trust, New York Life Investment Management and Citibank Global Asset Management. For the past 12 years, working for Advisors Search Group in New York City gave me the opportunity to develop an Approach and Philosophy that in turn has been responsible for the Placements of hundreds of individuals like you. Thousands of resumes later and after hundreds of interviews, Portfolio Placements and Resumes, LLC was born.

In addition to offering 12 years of placement experience skills along with my resume writing expertise, you also have the unique opportunity to search for employment in a whole new way using Direct Corporate Contacts.

Even if my field of expertise does not match with your career aspirations, Submit Your Resume and consider using my Resume Consulting Service. Having spoken to over 200 Human Resources heads and personnel, I know I can provide you with ideas and suggestions to improve both your resume and interview skills resulting in making you and your resume more appealing to potential employers no matter what the industry!

Our shared goals are simple:

To provide professional know how in your job search
while together finding the opportunity you desire.